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Courier Services

Need a small to medium item sent to someone in Ottawa? Place an order for delivery today! Gopher It has a tracking and notification system, online booking, electronic signature and photo options. You can be sure your document or package is safe with us!

We offer 3 levels of service 
Standard: Delivery order placed before 9:00 am the day of the delivery that has a minimum of three hours to complete. 

Same Day: Delivery order placed after 9:00 a.m the same day but there is more than a 3-hour window from pick up to drop off to complete the task. 

Rush Services: We offer One and Two-hour rush services. 

Bulk Services: For any service where 25 or more items are leaving from the same location,
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Warehouse and Fulfillment

Gold Standard Items are inventoried in our warehouse management system and when orders are placed they go out same-day for delivery, shipping or pick up services! 

Kitting: Project-based, we are able to assemble kits, large and small.
Sort and Organize: We take in large pallets of items, sort, rebrand if necessary, organize and ship/deliver the items.

Storage: We offer month to month storage options, from one shelf to 2500 plus square feet
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Dispatch Solutions

Route Optimization: We are able to take your data and organize it based on logistics and parameters that meet your organizational needs. 

Dispatch: Some businesses prefer to do their own deliveries but could use dispatch assistance. 

Answering Services: Have standard questions you get asked and don't have time to answer your phone? Let Gopher staff be your answering service and triage calls that need to be escalated while answering questions that lead to more sales!
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Large Logistic Solutions

Logistics Consultant Work: Meet with one of our efficiency experts to discuss logistics and how we can assist you to get your job done in a timely fashion.
Utilizing our networks across the country we are able to offer custom plans tailored to your unique logistics needs.
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